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Assignment 1

Acadia Stewart

Krug's Definition of Thinking

I understood Krug’s definition of thinking to be the chatter that goes on in your head throughout a process. Krug gives the example of a web site that is complicated to understand and how we ask questions and have thoughts in our head in order to try to understand how to use the site. It is these questions and thoughts which define Krug’s definition of thinking.

What makes you think when interacting with a web site?

When interacting with a web site, things that make you think include how items are categorized, how to navigate the site, and the purpose of the site. For example, when purchasing clothes online they might be categorized by men, women, or style; however if this is not clear on the web site then we ask ourselves “where’s the women’s tops?” for example. Similarly, when first entering a web site we ask ourselves “where do I want to go?” “What do I want to do?” And “how do I get there?” In addition, if the purpose of the website is unclear then we ask ourselves many questions about its purpose.



Buzzfeed is a good example because it is easy to navigate and includes categories, but its purpose might be unclear to those who don’t know that it is an entertainment/news source.

Don't make me think! -Krug
    Things that make us think
  • Names
  • Navigation
  • Purpose
  • Categories
  • Search